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"There are many optimistic sides to this dramatic story and the book will be highly enjoyed by those who like reading family dramas."— bookgeeks.in 

“The crux of the novel is how simplicity and honesty matter in family allegiance and future building. Can you play with the future of your loved ones? The kind of tragic intensity that draws you inside the story is terrific and to some extent, you will be in a trance of retrospection.” — Kevein Books and Reviews

"The author has nailed the story in a fully packed way. It is so intense and high on mental drama that a sense of melancholy is bound to cage you. How does human behavior stands at the center of ruin is evident from the storyline. As a debut writer, AmyReads has done a good job, a tale brilliantly penned down."— Kevein Books and Reviews

"The intense pain in the novel stands out from all angles and tries to suppress the value of all characters,"—Saby Reviews

What if everything you know about your life is a lie? How far can the negative thoughts drown you?

Amy hates her mother because her mother had abandoned her.
Rajat regrets what he did in the past.
Akshay has lost everyone and he has no purpose to live.
They are all connected by a woman who is missing. 
Actions have consequences, and will they be able to forgive themselves?