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Stella McCartney eyewear to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion

Stella McCartney has introduced us to the future of eyewear technology by launching a new collection of sustainable eyewear which delivers luxury and quality in a truly eco-friendly way. This eyewear collection has been made with materials which are obtained from natural and renewable sources.

This new eyewear collection from Stella McCartney makes use of “Bio Acetate” instead of typical petroleum-derived Diethyl Phthalate.

Bio Acetate is made from cotton and wood pulp and it is both biodegradable and renewable, something that is very beneficial in the present era of increasing pollution and global warming. In addition to the frames, even logos and cat-style glasses comprise of more than 50% Bio Acetate. Adopting this practice is certainly going to reduce the extensive use of plastics in fashionable products.

Stella McCartney has chosen Supermodel Lindsey Wixson as their campaign ambassador of the new range of eco-friendly eyewear collection. On the Instagram account of Stella McCartney, we can see videos in which Lindsey Wixson explains how the use of new eco-friendly materials is going to help us eliminate the use of unnecessary and pollution-causing plastics. The video features dinosaur sculptures in a jungle, and the sole message which we receive is that fossil fuels take several million years to form and that is why it is important to reduce their use.

Stella McCartney, the founder of Stella McCartney brand, is one of those few leading entrepreneurs who have moved their brands to focus on sustainable products from the very outset. In addition to taking the pledge of reusing and recycling all the plastic products used in making glasses, Stella McCartney has also strived to frame out a new charter which will guide the business models to deal with the climate change. In 2018, she backed the Labor Party in the demand for total ban on the use of animal fur. All these commitments can be easily seen in Stella McCartney’s new products which are eco-friendly and stylish at the same time.

But the efforts of Stella McCartney are not limited to just eco-friendly and sustainable fashion products. She’s one of the most influential women on Earth and she’s dedicating all she can to bring out a positive change that will save our planet. She has started a new platform which manages all her Philanthropic activities.

Taking the initiative of awareness for Breast Cancer, her brand will donate the revenue of 1000 mastectomy compression bras to the breast cancer patients. She has also started a campaign with Idris Elba. Both she and Alba have seen breast cancer from very close and this is why they’ve brought short film with the title “All is Love”. This film makes us understand what it feels to suffer from Breast Cancer, and it inspires us with a very touching poem by Kai Siah Jamal. The video challenges our society’s perception that woman should not talk about their breast with their men. It also reminds us that breast cancer can affect men as well, and the suffering always beyond imagination.