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Things to look for in Laptops Under 20000


20000 rupees is the range from where the decent laptops start. Here you’ll find the beginning of all the great features which laptops are expected to have. As for the Operating Systems, the best laptops under 20000 come with Windows 10, Linux or Ubuntu. These Operating Systems allow you to do all types of works. Other than OS, you can expect to get a large screen, better display resolution, 4GB RAM, and Intel N5000 quad-core processors. These laptops provide good performance when you work with software like MS Office or when you watch movies. For students who are always down on their budgets, there are a lot of good laptops available in the range of 20000.

Screen Size

If laptop screens aren’t significantly bigger than mobiles and iPads, then what does it matter? This is the reason why companies don’t reduce the size of the screen even in limited budget options. You’ll find plenty of laptops with a 15.6” screen. This is the best size for a laptop screen and it also gives space for a numeric keypad. If you prefer a lighter laptop and the loss of numeric pad isn’t a big deal, then you can choose laptops with a 14-inch screen. If the screen size is less than 14-inch, then it will prove to be very small, whereas if the screen size is greater than 15.6-inch, then the laptop will become heavy and uncomfortable to carry.

Screen Quality

As the image and video quality is constantly getting more and more advanced, you’ll never come across a laptop which doesn’t provide a good display. In the range of 20000, you’ll find almost all laptops with 1366x768 pixels, which is excellent for best viewing experiences. You can watch 720p videos, images etc and you can also enjoy low-setting games. But these are not full HD display i.e. 1920x1080p. If you love watching movies in full HD and if you play extreme games, then maybe 1366x768p resolution won’t satisfy your needs, but otherwise, this resolution is enough to be commended for its performance.


The speed and efficiency of a laptop are determined by its RAM capacity. Large RAM capacity delivers faster execution and better multitasking. In the range of 20000, you’ll find most laptops with 4GB RAM, and you should never go below this. 4GB RAM is many times faster than 2GB and 1GB RAM. You’ll be able to perform all the tasks on a computer such as using MS Office, browsing the internet, watching movies, editing photos etc. 4GB RAM also allows you decent multitasking. Since most laptops have upgraded to DDR4 RAM, you will experience extremely fast data transfer.


The best available processor in the range of 20000 is Intel N5000 quad-core, and it is found in a majority of laptops. Another common processor in this range is the AMD quad-core processor. It’s true that Intel N5000 and AMD are not as great as Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7, but they are sufficient to execute all the basic operations. They can calculate large sums, allow small-setting games, and they have considerable hyperthreading and turbo-boost. You will also find Celeron and Pentium processors in this range, but N5000 and AMD quad-core processors are better options.


The storage capacity of hard drives have improved at an amazing rate in the past few years, and leading manufacturers find themselves in the position to provide you with a minimum of 500GB internal storage in this range. With such large storage, you can download as many software and as many movies and as many games you like and you still won’t run out of space. But if you really don’t want to compromise with the storage, then there are laptops like Lenovo IdeaPad which come with 1TB storage.


Budget laptops are mainly intended for basic office and study work. Such tasks can be sufficed with GPUs like Intel Integrated HD and Radeon R5. Unless you are into massive multimedia or editing job, you’re not going to need NVIDIA Geoforce or any such advanced graphics. The advantage of Intel Integrated HD GPUs is that they occupy very little space in the computer’s memory and they don’t let the computer get heated easily. As for the performance, you’ll be pleased with what they deliver when you’re working with low-end editing and basic office works.


Since most of the laptops in this price range come with batteries with two or more than two cells, you can easily expect them to last for 4 to 5 hours once fully charged. In standby mode, most brands claim to give a battery backup of 7-10 hours. Such a long battery backup is good if you’re a student or a traveler and if you can’t find a power outlet everywhere. But you should keep in mind that this battery backup is only for basic functioning. When you’re watching movies or are playing extreme games, the battery backup will drop down to 2 to 3 hours.


Today, all the devices are getting more and more versatile, and this is why you should get a laptop which allows you to connect with almost all the other electronic devices which you use. To start with, Bluetooth and WI-FI are of prime importance. You should also check for how many USB ports are being provided. As a reference, most laptops have one 2.0 USB port and two 3.0 USB port. You can also expect an HDMI port for connecting the laptop with your TV. Microphone and audio-jacks are also included as basic features.


Budget laptops are best suited for students who cannot spend a lot. These laptops contain everything one might need for executing basic office and education functions. Professionals such as Designers, programmers, multimedia experts etc won’t be as pleased with these laptops, but beginners can find them very useful for the purpose of learning. Entertainment lovers will also be satisfied with the performance of these laptops.