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Tommy Hilfiger Recycled Denim - Perfect Match for Any Style

Sustainability is something which is becoming a new concept and the new buzzword for the fashion industry. With the growing awareness towards the generating piles of wastes on our planet Earth, more and more brands are looking forward to adopting new business models and production methods that promote sustainable and eco-friendly fashion products. With exactly the same motive in mind, Tommy Hilfiger, one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the US, has announced that it’ll be bringing out a new range of hundred per cent sustainable denim clothes which are made up of only recycled materials. Tommy Hilfiger has been inclined towards adopting environment-friendly methods from the very beginning, but this can be considered as their greatest attempt of switching to green technology.

This new range of jeans made of only old and recycled materials will be available in the stores from spring of this year. The production will be done at Amsterdam-based PVH denim center, which is the center where Tommy Hilfiger carried out all the research work to produce denim in an environment-friendly and efficient way. PVH denim center is also the first production center of Tommy Hilfiger in Europe.

The materials used in manufacturing these jeans at the PVH Denim center are pre-consumer leftover cotton straps collected while normal production. Normally, these waste clothes are burned or thrown away in the landfill, but Tommy Hilfiger has developed a new mechanical process which can recycle these clothes. The good thing about this process is that it doesn’t cause much pollution and uses very little chemical and water. The threads used in sewing these denim jeans have been derived from recycled plastic bottles. While old unused stocks of chains and buttons have been stitched in these sustainable jeans, it’s the recycled paper from which the hangtags have been made.

Also, the old finishing process that was done with hands has now been replaced by laser-finish technology which has been proved to be more sustainable and efficient than the former method.

To develop this sustainable denim from recycled products, Tommy Hilfiger hired teams of experts in fashion technology. The PVH Denim Center has more than 1300 swatches which serve as a library for the fabrics which the designers work with. The center has also started a “Denim Academy” to train people how to use the old materials and convert them into new clothes.

As explained by Daniel Greider, the CEO of Tommy Hilfiger, the new collection of sustainable denim jeans is intended to re-imagine the traditional methods of production to drive sustainable innovation. The brand finds itself in the position to have the responsibility of preserving the world’s resources and driving the growth of the green industry. The brand has also cleared that it will continue to create denim which is both stylish and eco-friendly at the same time.

The photos of actual denim jeans haven’t been unveiled for now, but designers have hinted at bringing out sets of mom’s jeans, tapered jeans and unisex trucker jackets.