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Top 3 Gaming Mouse for Best Gaming Experience

At first glance, it may seem like games can be played with any mouse, but the truth is that regular office mouse don’t give the top gameplay performance, and you need to get a mouse that matches the rhythm of the game with more effectiveness.

Gaming mice are designed for precise and faster movements and they also allow for some customization options. Moreover, most of the gaming mice are genre specific i.e. they work extremely well with some type of games over others. So, the first thing you should decide before buying a gaming mouse is the genre you love and play the most. However, if you don’t want to stick to a single genre and want to try a wide range of games, then there are also all-purpose mice.

To have some more insight into genre-specific mice, let’s look at some of the popular types of gaming mice:

a) All-purpose mice: These mice are good for every game ranging from FPS and MMO to adventure. If you like to have different tastes of games, then this will prove to be the most versatile of all.

b) FPS mice: These are the most popular mice and are best suited for first-person shooting games such as Rainbow Six, Call of Duty etc. The FPS mice have a ‘sniper button’ under the thumb which can slow down the DPI for difficult shots.

c) MMO Mice: MMO mice are quite bulky and are best suited for games that require so many custom-bound skills. Most of them have alternate button mapping which you can use with your fingers. These mice are for the lovers of Star Wars and Warcraft etc.

d) Customizable Mice: As the name suggests, these mice let users customize settings such as how palm-rest or button should feel like. They come a little pricier, but these finely tuned mice deliver the best performance.

In addition to the types of mice, there are also some other points worth noting such as:

a) Lighting: There are mice with different lighting options. Some have just one red or blue color, while RGB has become the new trend for gaming mice. Lights don’t do anything to improve the game, but in addition to aesthetics, they help in keeping different game profiles straightforward.

b) Laser or Optical: Mice with optical sensors are no doubt the best choice among the gamers as they don’t create any input lag. But laser technology has improved rapidly over the past few years, and today there are laser-sensors mice in the market in which input lag is completely non-existent.

c) DPI Rating: DPI or Dots per inch are different for office and gaming mice. If the DPI rating is high, it means the user has to move less to make the cursor travel a larger distance. DPI options are customizable in most of the mice. For normal use, a rating of 1000DPI should be enough. However, if you are playing with two or more monitors, then the mouse must have DPI or 8000 or more.

d) Wired or Wireless: A few years ago, wireless mice were simply not compatible for gaming. They weren’t as responsive as needed to high speeding and reactive games. Wired mice were the best option for gaming. But the technology has improved a lot and today wireless mice are satisfying all the requirements for even hardest games.

e) Price: In the technological world, you get what you pay for, and this is true for mice as well. The price of the mice can vary from less than fifty dollars to more than two hundred dollars. While cheaper mice are usually Chinese ones which perform only the basic functions and have no guarantee. Going a little higher over fifty dollars can get you all the major brands which offer excellent features. For even fancier options such as customizable palm rest and thumb buttons, you can choose mice which cost more than one-hundred dollars.

Getting a perfect mouse is not rocket science if you know what you’re looking for. In the following reviews, we will look at some popular mice out there in the market and reflect on their features, advantages and disadvantages.

1. Logitech G700 Rechargeable Gaming Mouse


Logitech has a passion for building innovative gaming instruments. For years they’ve been constantly improving their methodology and ways of testing in order to bring out technologies through which gamers can achieve the highest level of precision, accuracy, speed and reliability.

It is believed that mice primarily designed for Multiplayer Online Games (MMO) are the monsters of this genre, but also non-versatile in adapting to other genres. But Logitech G700 is one of those mice which have strived to eliminate this problem completely. In addition to better sensors, multiple new features, and easily customizable options, these mice also give the freedom of switching from wired to wireless anytime the user feels like.


· Ultra-Durable and Comfortable Design: This mouse is a bit heavy as compared to other wired mouse because of additional rechargeable battery and a transceiver which are present inside. This, however, results in excellent reaction times and the users can move it smoothly over any kind of surface.

The mouse has a grooved, textured thumb rest which fit the thumb perfectly and thus makes it a really comfortable mouse. It fits in all sizes of hands flawlessly and provides a good grip.

The buttons have a long life and have been rated to endure more than 20 million clicks, which indeed is greater than most of the other gaming mice.

The base of the mouse provides very little friction and can glide with no effort on any kind of surface.

· Easily Customizable Buttons: G700 has 13 programmable controlling buttons which include:

a) Eight G keys ranging from G4, G5… to G11.

b) Left and Right click buttons

c) Two toggle buttons through which DPI can be increased or decreased.

d) A toggle button which allows switching the scroll wheel from free spinning to ratcheting.

The scroll wheel can be scrolled up and down and also in the horizontal direction. Using Logitech Gaming Software, users can transfer the function of any keystroke of keyboard or macros key to the button on the mouse. With pre-configured settings, the mouse’s performance can also be controlled without the help of software.

· The Ability to Set and Download Multiple Game Profiles: This is undoubtedly one of the most commendable features of G700 gaming mouse.

The mouse can work with ten separate game profiles, five of which can be even stored on the mouse.

The 13 buttons can also be customized separately for different game profiles.

When the mouse is connected to another PC, there’s no need for reconfiguration of the profiles and settings.

· Wide Range of DPI: G700 has the maximum sensitivity of 8200 DPI and it allows shifting of DPI according to the requirement of the game and also the choice of users.

For pixel-precise targeting, the optimum DPI is 200, while for faster maneuvers, it should be 8200 DPI. All are within the reach of this mouse. Moreover, the DPI setting can also be done separately for different profiles and can also be used on other PCs.

For accurate trigger control, the DPI programming switches are right next to the left click.

· Rechargeable without Stopping the Game: The problem with most of the wireless mouse is that they have to be charged on charging pads and cannot be used when the charging is in process. But G700 has solved this problem and now there’s no need to stop playing while charging the mouse. Users can connect the USB wire which allows not only the same functioning of the mouse but also takes on the task of charging at the same time. When the charging is done, the USB wire can be removed and the mouse can again work wirelessly.

· Great Speed and Accuracy: G700 has flipped the way gamers once used to look at wireless mice. It can transfer 1000 data points per second, which is not just good but faster than most of the so-called standard USB mice by a factor 18.

There is just no delay between the user clicking the mouse and seeing the action taking place.

It has an accurate gaming laser-sensor for better user control no matter how fast the hand is moved.

The dual scroll wheel facilitates amazing click-to-click precision and fast scrolling over long pages.

· Compatibility: G700 is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 7, 8, Vista, and XP.

Pros of G700 Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Ø It has grooved, textured thumb-rest for perfect feel of the thumb. It can fit easily in hands of all sizes.

Ø 13 programming control buttons which can be customized easily.

Ø Five different game profiles can be stored and transferred anywhere.

Ø There’s no need to stop the game when the mouse is being charged.

Ø The range of DPI setting is from 200 DPI to 8200 DPI and can be customized with buttons present near the left click.

Ø There is no input lag and the transmission occurs at 1000 data reports per second.

Ø The laser-sensor has high accuracy and provides excellent control.

Ø Hands don’t stick with the mouse during long gaming sessions.


Ø The mouse is available only for the right-hand users.

Ø The unbelievably sensitive scroll can be annoying while writing documents or surfing the internet.

Ø The thumb buttons don’t produce any audible click, and thus provide no feedback.

Ø The Logitech software doesn’t have a lot of resources, and is available for Windows only.

Ø Price is too high for budget-friendly users.

Bottom Line

There was a time when wireless and laser-sensor mice couldn’t compete to be called gaming mice. But Logitech G700 has broken all these theories. With 13 programmable control buttons, it can easily perform complex macros at the users’ command. The game profiles can be easily stored on the mouse itself. Recharging is done through the USB connector. Report tare is immensely fast and better than even the standard USB mice in this regard. All in all, this is a mouse truly designed for not just MMO but all types of games.

If you are in search of a robust, aesthetic mouse with easily customizable buttons and excellent cursor control with no input lag, then Logitech G700 is where your search comes to an end.

2. Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse


Logitech has been the leader of manufacturing gaming peripherals for many years, famous for solid build and quality of keyboards and mice. They have been constantly striving to advance their cutting edge technology so that gamers can experience the highest level of speed and precision. Logitech G-series have already created the revolution in the world of gaming, and the latest one to join this series is G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse, which promises to be the best weapon for great control and precision. Its wide range of DPI, 10 programmable buttons, gaming-grade laser, onboard memory, dual-mode scroll, and a price tag of less than seventy dollars have set this mouse far ahead of its rival brands present in the market.


When it comes to making gaming mice, Logitech goes through relentless studying and testing for smooth buttons, surface coatings, grips and sensors which match with the level of fast-paced games, and the result of all these efforts can be easily seen in G500 Gaming Mouse.

· Sturdy Body and Simple Design: G500 has an extra 27g weight which gives an amazing feel to the hands. The color of this mouse is grey, which can be considered as basic and non-bragging.

There are textured pads for keeping outermost fingers and thumb.

The left and right clicking buttons are curved which only adds to the comfort of the user. The thumb rest is gripping and perfect for the thumb as well as the claw grip.

If a user wants lighter weight, then pressing the button at the bottom ejects a canister and releases some weights. It is also possible to mix and match and try different combinations of weights to find the most comfortable balance.

The USB cable is long, braided and tangle-free.

· Easy Customizable Buttons: The mouse has 10 easily customizable buttons which can be listed as:

a) Usual left and right click buttons.

b) One clickable scroll wheel

c) One button to switch the scroll wheel from ratcheting to free spinning.

d) On the edge of the left click button are the two buttons meant for adjusting DPI settings.

e) The last one can be considered as a macro key and its function can easily be programmed as desired.

· Wide Range of DPI: G500 offers a wide range of DPI settings to match every gaming condition. The minimum and maximum sensitivities are 200 DPI and 5700 DPI respectively. 200 DPI is optimum for pixel-precise targeting while 5700 DPI is best suited for extremely fast maneuverings and also when the user is playing on multiple monitors.

Moreover, another thing which Game lovers would definitely love about G500 is that there are separate DPIs for X-axis and Y-axis, which increases the precision of aiming and shooting.

Changing the DPI setting is very easy with the two buttons near the left click button, and this can be done right on-the-fly.

· Powerful Onboard Memory: The settings of the mouse which a user has customized as per his preference can be transported anywhere and when connected to a different PC, there’s no need to the reconfiguration of favorite titles and settings. Also, this feature is available without the help of any software.

· Smart Logitech Software: One of the best things about the Logitech Software is that it can not only easily recognize all the games which are installed on the computer, but can also help the user in the programming of the specific profiles.

These profiles can also be transported to a different PC without needing to reconfigure.

· Unbeatable Performance: Though being labeled primarily as an FPS mouse, G500 works fine and is accurate and precise for all the genres of games. Games such as Starcraft II, Bioship Infinity etc can be played smoothly with extra advantage provided by the thumb buttons. The intuitive design of the mouse makes sure the hand doesn’t slip from its comfortable place.

· Great Precision: G500 features dual-mode scrolling, which means the users can enjoy fast scrolling through the pages with no delay. This is helpful in fast first-hand-shooting games.

· Price: Price is another noticeable thing about this mouse. A mouse packed with such striking features and with a price tag of less than seventy dollars is something that is found with not so many other mice.

Pros of Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

Ø The weight of the mouse can be adjusted as per the user’s comfort.

Ø Textured pads and thumb rest make the mouse easy to grip and move without friction.

Ø There are 10 programmable buttons which the user can customize using the Logitech Software.

Ø Gaming profiles can be saved on the mouse and can be worked with on different computers.

Ø Dual mode scrolling provides hyper-fast scrolling without any input delay.

Ø The range of DPI setting is wide and can be adjusted on-the-fly using the two buttons present near the left click button.

Ø With excellent laser-sensing technique, this mouse provides amazing accuracy and speed.


Ø The almost frictionless scroll can be a problem as it moves the page up and down almost indefinitely.

Ø To adjust the DPI buttons, the user has to let go off his hands from the left key which is also the shooting button and this can prove to be deadly.

Ø The Logitech software is not that easy and needs some time for a beginner to understand it. The software is not available for Mac OS.

Ø There are rival brands with fancier features and at a lower price.

Bottom Line

When a gaming peripheral comes from the vault of Logitech, it’s bound to contain all the features that are loved by true gamers, and G500 Gaming Mouse is no different. The Laser-sensors provide unparalleled precision and control. There are programmable buttons. The weight can be adjusted easily. Settings and game profiles can be stored on the mouse. Dual mode scrolling provides fast scrolling with no input lat. And the wide range of DPI can be adjusted right when it is needed. What else can a true gamer want from a gaming mouse!

3. Razer Naga 2014 Gaming Mouse


When it comes to playing hardcore Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO), not every other mouse fits to be the right one. But Razer, one of the most popular gaming peripheral brands in the world, has made every effort possible to build the Naga 2014 MMO Gaming Mouse which takes care of every feature that should be present in an MMO gaming mouse. A large number of thumb buttons, a perfectly ergonomic design, a robust software interface, and the best thing is that all of them come at a price less than seventy-five dollars!


· Sturdy Body and Elegant Design: It is a large and heavy mouse which accommodates a total of nineteen buttons.

With such a large number of buttons, one may wonder about how the mouse is supposed to be held, but the layout makes it easy.

The player can rest his palm on the steep curve of the mouse, while thumb can go on the thumb buttons. The pink finger has its own separate pad, while the ring finger can rest since it has no use.

For a left-handed player, Razer has built this mouse in sinister conformation, something which is not found in similar MMO mouse from Corsair and Logitech.

Despite being difficult for claw grippers, this mouse is easy to hold and drag. The buttons have been placed as distant as possible without increasing the size of the mouse.

No matter how fast the game is running on the screen, the smooth texture of the mouse makes it easy to follow.

The size is well crafted, and despite all those buttons, the mouse is light enough to be lifted up easily.

· Multi-directional Scrolling: Scrolling wheel of Naga 2014 can be moved not just up and down but also left and right and in. This helps in going through large web pages and makes the navigation of long forums easy for MMO lovers.

· The 12 Mechanical Thumb Buttons: This set of 12 buttons is obviously the prime eye-catching factor about this mouse. The buttons are crisp and mechanical, and they give pleasant tactile feedback when pressed so the users can be assured of the actuation. The buttons don’t really feel different simply by touching, but it’s the curve of the mouse which places every button at a different elevation, and it takes only minutes for the user to be able to recognize each of them without looking

· The Generous range of DPI: Naga 2014 features the DPI range from 100 DPI to 8200 DPI. MMO games make use of both rapid keystrokes and camera movements, and this makes this wide range of DPI setting extremely helpful. For slow movements, the DPI rating can be fixed to 200 DPI, while for fast movements and playing with multiple monitors, higher DPIs are helpful. The DPIs can also be adjusted separately in X- and Y- axis which help in perfect precision for aiming and shooting.

· Advanced Sensors: A few years ago, the laser-sensor mice were not popular among the game lovers, but Naga 2014 features an improved 4G laser sensor which delivers ultra-responsiveness and accuracy to the games.

· In-game Configuration: Naga 2014 has introduced one of the best intuitive mouse configuration focused mainly for MMO games.

The users can customize all the buttons and assign the macros keys and other buttons with whatever function they like.

There is an additional feature for PC users through which the theme grid can be displayed with the right icons so that users can know which button to hit and when.

· Robust Synapse Software: With Naga 2014, users get access to the Synapse configuration which supports online cloud storage.

All customizations and game profiles can be stored on this software which has easy interface to guide the users through the steps. The cloud storage helps to save a copy of the settings and provide access to macros, hotkeys etc when the mouse is replaced or used on a different PC.

· Responsive Function: Razer mouses are known for their zero-delays. It can be said that the buttons of Naga 2014 are feather sensitive, which means that the clicks happen the moment the players think of it.

There is simply no input lag.

· Wide Compatibility: This mouse is supported on all the latest Windows Operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista and XP.

Pros of Razer Naga 2014 Gaming Mouse

Ø It has a large number of buttons which is perfect for MMO games.

Ø The buttons are easy to recognize by touch. They provide audible tactile feedback so the user can be assured of the actuation.

Ø The ergonomics are perfect and the mouse fits easily in the users’ hand.

Ø The scroll wheel goes in up and down direction and also on the inside so that more buttons can come to the disposal.

Ø The buttons are highly responsive and there is no input lag.

Ø The Razer Synapse software stores all the profiles and settings and allows the user to download them easily when the PC or mouse is replaced.


Ø The mouse doesn’t fit in the hands of those users which hold the mouse with their claws.

Ø Despite the concave shape of the buttons, they are hard to be located just by touching.

Ø Not best suited for games which belong to genres other than MMO games.

Ø Price is a bit higher than other rival brands.

Bottom Line

As said, not every mouse can be used to tackle the speed and complexity of MMO games, but Razer Naga 2014 is one of those few mice which really do, and do with ease. With a staggering 19 customizable buttons and a wide range of easily adjustable DPI setting along with excellent precision and accuracy, this gaming peripheral guarantee to provide the best experience one can expect from Star Wars and World and Warcraft.

If you are looking for a mouse which is designed for MMO games both from inside and outside, you should get Razer Naga 2014.


The important thing to understand before buying a gaming mouse is that most of them are genre-centered, but there are some all-purpose mice which can be applied to all the games with slight customizations. It is also good to narrow the preferences based on lights, palm-rest, comfort etc. in order to finalize the choice. And yeah, the price is also another very important thing to consider.

We hope that with some useful knowledge on the gaming mice and these detailed reviews of some popular mice in the market, we have helped you understand everything you need to before choosing the right mouse for you. Best of luck with your purchase… and Happy gaming!