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Understanding Homeopathy and How It Works

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is perhaps the biggest mystery of Medical Science. It is actually based on two notions which don’t have a strong scientific base: a) the body has the ability to cure itself, and b) like cures like.

The practitioners, also known as Homeopaths, believe in the healing process which can be carried even by the tiniest amount of minerals and plants.

Surprisingly, more than 200 million all over the world believe in the magic of Homeopathy and it is the second-largest medication system in the world.

History of Homeopathy

In the 1700s, Homeopathy was discovered in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann, who believed that small amount of toxins have the same effect as those of large amounts.

How Does Homeopathy Works?

Homeopathy medicines are prepared by adding a very small amount of toxins in water or alcohol. It is a process of mixing and dilution, also known as succession.

On a bottle of homeopathy medicine, we see a label of 30X. Here, X the value of X is 10. To understand this, let’s assume we mix 1 gram of toxin in 10 grams of water. Now, from the obtained mixture, we take one gram and mix it in another 10 gram of freshwater. After repeating the process for 30 times, the final mixture is available for use.

Mathematically, in the final solution, the ratio of toxin present is just 1 part in One million trillion trillion parts of water. To visualize this, let’s imagine we drink 8000 gallons of water, and we’ll consume just one molecule of the toxin.

There are also medicines which have a label of 30C. Here, the value of C is 100. This means one gram toxin is mixed in 100 gram of water and the above process is repeated 30 times.

Does Homeopathy Works?

Scientifically, it shouldn’t. There isn’t a single theory either in chemistry or physics which can explain how the over-over-over-and-over diluted mixture will have any effect. But in reality, homeopathy does work and many people even claim it to be superior to even allopath.

One logical explanation behind the curing effect of homeopathy is the people’s belief that they are going to be okay.

Before prescribing the medicine, the doctor examines the patient’s behaviors and actions thoroughly. The point is to fill people with confidence which makes brain release chemicals that cure the disease.

However, homeopathy doesn’t work in many diseases like Asthma and diabetes and cancer. In cases of emergencies too, homeopathy doesn’t have any solution.

Side Effects of Homeopathy

Since homeopathic medicines are all water and nothing else, they shouldn’t have any side effects. Even if the medicine uses alcohol instead of water, the maximum effect people will feel is of sleepiness. However, a medicine called Zicam was banned in the first decade of the twenty-first century because it was reported to affect people’s sensing capabilities.

Despite not being recognized by the researchers, Homeopathy is a successful medication system and has been curing diseases for long. However, an expert must be consulted before practising any medicine.